1. Logikeller only be used at the visitor own risk and responsibility .
2. Special protective clothing is not necessary, but we recommend wearing casual and hard wearing clothing . We take no responsibility for any damage entrained in the plant property, clothing and packages.
3. Admission for persons under 14 years in the Logikeller system is possible only if accompanied by an adult ! Children under 10 years is not recommended to use the system.
4. The Logikeller terrain can of teams consisting of at least 2 to be a maximum of 6 persons used .
5 Smoking and the use of an open flame is strictly prohibited in all areas of Logikeller system.
6. Carriage of dangerous objects ( stabbing and cutting weapons , rifles , etc. ) that could cause injuries is strictly forbidden!
7. Under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances, the use of Logikeller system is prohibited!
8. The use of light sources ( flashlight, laser light , etc. ) is prohibited in all areas of Logikeller system - including the light from cell phones.
9. Those visitors who violate the rules or do not follow the instructions of the house personnel are excluded from Logikeller system with immediate effect.
10. Persons who have a serious illness (eg, heart disease, epilepsy ) are suffering , who are afraid of the dark or in front of tight spots , as well as people who fear that her condition could worsen in the facility are requested to the system is not to to use. ATTENTION! The facility is located in a basement , and can only be reached via stairs .Persons in wheelchairs is unfortunately prohibited participation in the game, and even with a disability is an agreement in advance with the Logikeller team needed!

Compliance with the rules and following the instructions of the domestic servants of Logikeller for your safety and ensure a perfect gaming experience.

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Über uns

Cool! Ein echt tolles Abendteuer! ;)

Walter, Salzburg

In der Wiener Innenstadt ist ein geheimnisvoller Keller, wagt Euch hinunter und seht, welche Geheimnisse ihr an die Oberfläche bringen könnt! Ihr habt 60 Minuten, um die seltsame Welt des geheimnisvollen Kellers kennenzulernen!

Logikeller Team, Wien