Are you ready for a logical challenge?

If you visit us, we will lock you and your friends (2-6 people) in an underground premises, which is furnished in-line with an exciting story. Your primary task will be to find a way out of the premises in 60 minutes. In order to succeed, you will have to solve numerous puzzles, crack codes, find and open hidden safes and doors. Apart from your primary task of finding a way out, every premises comes with a special mission which you have to complete with creative teamwork.

You have 60 minutes to submerge in the mysteries of our cellar! If you find the secret and the mission is accomplished, you only have one task left: TRY TO ESCAPE!


 What happens if you fail to escape in 60 minutes?

Come and find out! But beware: this place can really be captivating!

You will not need any special body strength, to accomplish the mission and escape. All you’ll need is clear thinking, team work, and a bit of creativness. Your escape will be hindered by several puzzles, codes, and secret passages.

We look forward to your visit if you are a great team or if you want to become one. Couples are also welcome if you want to know how much you can trust eachother, or if you simply want to have an exciting date.

Do you need to be scared in our cellar?

There is absolutely no need to be scared. The premises were designed in a way so that the unique settings, the teamwork and the joy and thrill of cracking various secrets and puzzles will be the cause of the adrenalin rush. (and of course the looming question: what happens if time expires...?)

Invite your friends or colleague for fun or Teambuilding!




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Über uns

Cool! Ein echt tolles Abendteuer! ;)

Walter, Salzburg

In der Wiener Innenstadt ist ein geheimnisvoller Keller, wagt Euch hinunter und seht, welche Geheimnisse ihr an die Oberfläche bringen könnt! Ihr habt 60 Minuten, um die seltsame Welt des geheimnisvollen Kellers kennenzulernen!

Logikeller Team, Wien